SOS Homework Club
Making Homework Primetime at School
Reclaim Family Time & Turn your homework table back into your Dinner table
Just a Few things You Can Expect:

  • low student to teacher ratio
  • degreed tutors/teachers
  •  your child's homework completed, before you pick them up each day

Our purpose is to enhance and support the growth of all the students enrolled SOS Homework Clubs, through provision of an affordable, safe, caring, after-school environment. 

Our goals are to provide guidance and care, in a, structured environment, for students to complete homework, which acts as an extension of home, school, and community.

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  1. Our teachers and tutors will help your child study for tests and support their remedial and enrichment work enrichment work.
  2. We are open Monday through Friday, two hours from the time school ends.
  3. Our teaching staff is passionate about relationship building and discovering how each student learns, so that they can help prepare them for the following school day.
SOS Homework Club is an extention of SOS Subs and SOS Tutors, which fall under the umbrella of SOS Personnel.  SOS Personnel is a provider of substitute teachers and tutors to both charter, private and public schools nationwide.  We supply our client schools  with the professional and support personnel they need, when they need them.

At the core of our service, are the students and children we see everyday either at their home for tutoring or during school hours while substitute teaching.  We have come to realize that among other things, some children are simply unable to complete homework outside of the school setting.    It is important to implement Homework Club when a student first begins to get behind – missing 2 or 3 assignments rather than 9 or 10, which is overwhelming.
SOS Homework Club is the solution.  We represent a “no excuses, whatever it takes” attitude all the while – respecting students’ innate desire to succeed, monitoring student performance & mandating extra help when it’s needed.    Homework time at home is often frustrating and time consuming, so our goal is to help families reclaim family time, by getting homework and projects done before you get home.  

SOS Personnel realized that a homework club in a school setting can offer a time for students: to focus on their education in a relaxed, familiar setting where they can receive one to one support, often tailored to their specific needs.  When your child is in distress, call SOS!
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Our Program

Unlike other after school programs, SOS Homework Club’s focus is making your life and your children’s lives easier. We know the last thing you want to do after a long day of working is to tackle your children’s homework and studying needs, so we’ve raised the bar on after school programs to get your family back together! 
  • Upon being dismissed from their classrooms, the students are sent to our teachers in a designated location in the school. As soon as they arrive, the teachers take attendance.
  • After attendance, the teachers take the students outside or to the gym for physical activity for 15 minutes.
  • Following the physical activity, the students have a snack and drinks for 15 minutes.
  • Back in the classroom, the students get out their agendas/homework assignments for teachers to check, followed by 15 minutes of silent reading. Students who need individual support in reading are helped during this time.
  • ​When silent reading is over, homework begins, with teachers monitoring the quality of work, as well as working with any individual student who needs assistance. In addition to homework and projects, this is also the time they work on test preparation.
  • ​Students who complete their work and have it checked by the teachers then move to the computers to finish any required website work, and to use educational websites for enrichment or remediation.
  • ​Fridays at SOS Homework Club are called “Fun Fridays”, where we celebrate weekly accomplishments, birthdays, and special occasions.   

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